Welcome to Domaine du Fotograph, where the land and the vines exist in perfect harmony, producing wines of unparalleled quality.  We have nurtured this once-abandoned domaine since 2018, breathing new life into its veins and creating a thriving vineyard that pays homage to the land and its delicate ecosystem.

Our domaine is located in a verdant oasis near the Gulf of Saint Tropez, surrounded by parasol pines, cork oaks and chestnut trees. We share this land with nearly 180 protected species, including the elusive Hermann's tortoise.  At the foot of the Sainte Brigitte Hill, a chapel dedicated to the cousin of Queen Jeanne stands as a symbol of our local appellation ‘Notre-Dame des Anges’ and the rich history and heritage of the region.

The Land


Nestled in a sweeping plain, Domaine du Fotograph lies between two small coastal waterways: L'Aille and L'Argent.  What makes our domaine stand out is its exceptional soils,  which boast a geological formation of Permian sandstone from the Primary era - the oldest geological vestige in the appellation.  On top of this formation lies a type of soil known as ‘Les Pelites’, derived from ancient alluvial terraces, and rich in deep earth.

The diagenesis of the fine red soils, also known as Argillite, Claystone or Red Mudstone has been accumulating for thousands of years on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and rose deeply into the land during the Permian era. This land is exclusive to Provence, imbuing the wines of Domaine du Fotograph with a special character  that is unique to our vineyard.

The Climate

Set within a Mediterranean climate with continental influences, our domaine benefits from cool winters and frequent frosts between November and April.  The climate is sufficiently humid (+/- 900 mm/year): it is nourished by the rains of November and March, and precious summer thunderstorms.  The subsoil boasts numerous deep and expansive cavities, acting as natural reservoirs, which limitwater stress during particularly hot and dry periods - a point of real significance for our old vines with deep roots.

This unique terroir allows us to achieve beautiful phenolic ripeness while preserving the grapes' acidity, crucial for making wines that are suitable for long ageing.We use organic and biodynamic practices in our striving to be stewards of the land and its biodiversity. Our passion for producing exceptional wines is matched only by our dedication to using the finest materials and time-honoured winemaking techniques where we combine the best of traditional and modern methods.