Cuvée « Cabernet – Sauvignon » Vin de France

Varieties: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, (old vines)
Vin de France

Vinification: Maceration accompanies alcoholic and malolactic fermentations in conical vats, using whole bunches and partly destemmed grapes. Punch downs and pump overs are applied as needed.

Ageing: Extensive 10-12 month maturation in 225L Demptos Bordeaux barrels of varied oak origins and toast levels imparts complexity. The best barrels undergo an additional 10-12 months in standing and lying Garbellotto oval casks.



A stunning example of a solar year, with an aromatic profile that is rich and complex, yet retains its elegant character.

On the nose, the wine's freshness is apparent, with notes of green bell pepper mingling with ripe red and black fruits, rounded out by a subtle touch of menthol. On the palate, the wine is dense and ample, with a pulpy and fleshy texture that showcases dominant flavors of bell pepper, ripe berries, and peony. The wine's finish is equally impressive, with a velvety texture that is both fruity and bitter, with a refreshing touch of acidity that lends length to the wine's already impressive profile. Overall, this wine is a refined and ample choice, with a freshness that is sure to impress.

Ageing potential: +15 years



The vintage is a surprisingly charming wine that boasts a slightly rounder profile than its predecessor.

On the nose, the wine displays a fresh character, with intense fruity notes of red fruits, spicy berries, and green bell pepper taking center stage. On the palate, the wine is dense and velvety, with a dark and pulpy texture that showcases dominant flavors of bell pepper, ripe and candied black fruits, and peony notes. The wine's finish is juicy and gourmet, with a beautiful bitterness that adds depth and freshness, along with a lingering length that is sure to impress. This wine has an aging potential of over 15 years, making it an excellent choice for cellaring.

Ageing potential: +15 years




This wine is still in the aging process, promising even more complexity and depth to come in the years ahead.