At Domaine du Fotograph, we are passionate about creating exceptional wines and spirits using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional methods.

We believe in using natural winemaking techniques and choose not to add any additives to our wines, even when we encounter issues such as imbalanced pH, acidity, or the presence of residual sugars. Instead, we select grape varieties that are particularly well-suited to the production of spirits, such as Muscat or Colombard, which we use to create our eau de vie, marc, and grappa.

To produce our spirits, we follow a double distillation process. During the first distillation, known as the stripping run, we heat the wine in our copper stills to separate the alcohol from the water and other impurities. The second distillation, or spirit run, involves heating the spirit from the first distillation and collecting only the "heart" of the run, which has the most desirable flavors and aromas.

After distillation, we age the spirit in a combination of small oak barrels and glass demijohns for an undetermined amount of time until it reaches its full potential. The oak barrels are selected to provide just the right amount of oak flavor and tannins to complement the spirit's natural flavor profile, while the glass demijohns are preferred for their ability to preserve the spirit's original flavor and aroma.

Before bottling, we blend and taste the spirit from the best containers to ensure only the finest spirit is bottled. Our meticulous approach to producing spirits is driven by our commitment to quality and attention to detail. We believe that these qualities are what set our products apart and reflect our dedication to producing exceptional spirits that are true reflections of the grapes from which they are made.

At Domaine du Fotograph, we take pride in our traditional winemaking and distillation methods, which result in a smooth and complex spirit that is highly sought after by spirit enthusiasts. We are committed to producing exceptional spirits and look forward to sharing them with you.