Cuvée « Cinsault » Vin de France

Varieties: 100 % Cinsault, (old vines)
Vin de France

Vinification: Maceration accompanies alcoholic and malolactic fermentations in conical vats, using whole bunches and destemmed grapes as conditions dictate. Punching down and pumping over occur during winemaking.

Ageing: Initial 10-12 month maturation in 225L Demptos Bordeaux barrels of diverse oak origins and toasts enhances complexity. Select barrels undergo an additional 10-12 months in upright and lying Garbellotto oval casks.



The vintage offers a rich and aromatic experience, yet maintains an elegant composure.

The nose is delicate with subtle notes of spicy pepper, a hint of musk, and bergamot. As the wine opens up, a fragrant liquorice stick scent emerges. On the palate, this wine is reminiscent of a refined Burgundy with its salivating texture and seamless integration of woodiness and tannins. The wine finishes with a slight mentholated freshness and a fine peppery bitterness that lingers pleasantly. A nuanced acidity in the finish, combined with the typical touch of salted caramel from the terroir, brings this wine to a satisfying close.

Ageing potential: 10 to 15 years.



An unexpected delight, displaying a charmingly rounded character that sets it apart from the previous vintage.

On the nose, it exhibits a slightly fruitier profile, with hints of dark berries and cherries that mingle with delicate notes of bergamot and tobacco. The palate is generous and full, yet maintains its signature Burgundian elegance, with silky tannins that add just the right amount of structure and peppery complexity. The finish is impressively long and well-balanced, with a fine bitterness that complements the wine's salivating mouthfeel, and a subtle touch of iodine that speaks to the unique terroir. Overall, a wine that exceeds all expectations and showcases the best of the vintage.

Ageing potential: 10 to 15 years.